Saturday, August 10, 2013

Review: Love Remains

 photo LoveRemains.jpgLove Remains by Kaye Dacus
#1 in The Matchmakers Series

Rating- Four Stars photo fourstars.png

Book Blurb

Every grandmother wants to see her grandchildren happy, especially when it comes to their love lives. Join five active senior ladies—and one gentleman—who take a great interest in the lives and loves of their single grandchildren and become The Matchmakers. Zarah Mitchell and Bobby Patterson become the first focus of meddling grandmothers when he moves back to Nashville to work for the Tennessee Criminal Investigations Unit. Will Zarah be able to forgive the man who years ago chose a military career over her—especially when she learns he is investigating the historic preservation agency for which she works?

My Thoughts

I want to start off with just a note: This is a Christian Author, and is written with church and faith based characters. So, if that is something you have no interest in reading then I would suggest not picking this book up. That being said, I don't have a problem in reading faith based stories as long as they aren't preachy.

The underlying story in the book is a group of Grandmothers who are trying to get their grandchildren married so that they have great-grandchildren running around soon. I found the Grandmothers had the right intentions, although I probably wouldn't like my Grandma meddling in my love life.

The other big story in this book is Zarah Mitchell and Bobby Patterson. They have a history, which is unclear exactly what that is when you start the book. Bobby just moved back home and is trying to get adjusted to a new job and social group along with rejoining his church from his youth. Zarah moved to town after a falling out with her father, her Grandparents live in town. It is set in Nashville, and even though I've never been there the descriptions are so good that I was able to picture how things were. The characters while having a strong faith have their faults and are by no means perfect, which is nice cause it's hard to read a story about someone who is almost too good to be true. I was surprised to find that there was a good mystery element to this story. It was interesting. I enjoyed reading about the two getting back together without all the drama, they seemed very grown up about it.. wanting to clear the air and get everything straight. I really enjoyed this book and will be reading more from this author.

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