Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Just Finished: Shift

 photo shift.jpgShift by Rachel Vincent
#5 in Shifters Series

Rating- Four Stars photo fourstars.png

Book Blurb


Being the first female werecat enforcer isn’t easy. Scars accumulate, but I’m stronger in so many ways.

As for my personal life? It’s complicated. Choices worth making always are. Ever since my brother’s death and my father’s impeachment, it’s all I can do to prevent more blood
from spilling. Now our Pride is under attack by a flight of vicious thunderbirds. And making peace with our new enemies may be the only way to get the best of our old foe.

With the body count rising and treachery everywhere, my instincts tell me to look before I leap. But sometimes a leap of faith is the only real option...

My Thoughts

This book picks up right where the last one left off. I really like the world that Rachel Vincent has built in this series. The characters are well developed and I personally enjoy reading about them. Faythe is a strong willed, never give up kinda girl. I like that she isn't afraid to speak her mind, even if she knows nobody is going to like what she says. I like Marc, but sometimes he frustrates me. There are times when he seems blind to what is going on around him, which contradicts his position as an enforcer. I don't particularly care for the love triangle that seems to be developing with Faythe. Sometimes triangles don't bug me, but it depends how they are used. This one is just annoying to me. Why does she all of a sudden have to develop feelings for someone else.. (or at least it seems sudden to me). The main storyline of the book involving the thunderbirds is interesting and compelling. I found myself staying up late just so I could read more of the book. There are plenty of unexpected twisted in this book that left me saying "Oh my!" and left me wanting to finish to find out how it ends. And as I got closer to the end of the book the more frustrated with it i got. I understand that you have to have tension in a book in order to keep people coming back, but the Faythe and Marc constant back and forth is starting to get really annoying. As much as the triangle annoys me, the story is well written and pulled me in. I'm looking forward to picking up the next book and figuring out what happens next.

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