Friday, July 26, 2013

Get to know the lady behind the blog..

Hello I'm Kris!
(my full name is Kristen)

I thought that I should probably write a little bit about me..

I am a book lover and am not really picky about what I read. I have a twin and we generally read the same thing, when I'm done with a book and she has time she will read it also. It's nice to have someone so close to talk about books to. My little sister reads mostly PNR and UF, which I've just recently gotten into.. I love discovering new authors or falling back on the favorites that I know will give me a good story. Right now I'm concentrating on catching up with some of the series' that I've been reading. As a result it seems my reading has a heavy concentration of Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy in it. I'll soon be breaking that up with some Historical Romance and Mysteries. Most of my books come from the library so I generally plan my reading out so that I don't run out of reading material. It seems the books I do own always get pushed to the back of the line and never get read. I'm gonna have to change that, I have some interesting books laying around here.

I enjoy making lists, which my family makes fun of... I have lists on my computer of authors I wish to read, series that I'm reading, favorite authors and which of their books I've read. I even have lists for my twin sister cause she never has a clue if she has read a book or not when I ask her if she wants to.

I'm enjoying this new adventure into blogging. I've been wanting to write up reviews for all the books that I read so that others can have a sense on how the book is. I'm hoping that as I continue my reviews improve and my ratings more diverse. My only wish for this blog is that it helps others to decide whether or not they wish to read a book. Even if I don't get many followers, it's still fun to write up reviews and put them out there.

Hope you enjoy the reviews I've posted and the reviews to come.

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